Neck and shoulder massage

Do you suffer from a stuck neck or do you have problems with your shoulders? Then make an appointment at massage parlor Thai Thara in Amsterdam and enjoy a relaxing neck and shoulder massage. This wonderful massage ensures that the tension from your neck and shoulders disappears and is completely relaxed. Afterwards you will immediately notice a difference and you will feel completely relaxed both physically and mentally. You get a neck and shoulder massage from € 35,-.

  • Neck and shoulder massage from € 35,-
  • Your pain complaints immediately reduced
  • Single and duo massages possible

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Massage for a stuck neck

A stuck neck is caused by tension in your body. These tensions constantly tighten the muscles in your neck, overloading them. In addition to stress, incorrect posture can be the cause of a stuck neck. Once you have a stuck neck, it can hinder you in your daily activities, such as working and shopping.

Neck massage

One way to get rid of a stuck neck is a massage. When massaging the neck or shoulders, we ensure that we make the muscles more flexible. We do this by gentle, but deep massage movements. Do you suffer from muscle knots? Then we use deeper massage techniques. Your muscle tissue releases waste products through the neck massage. It is therefore important to drink enough water after the massage.

Massage for sore shoulders

A stuck neck is often accompanied by painful shoulders. Painful shoulders can also be caused by tension or incorrect posture. By means of a shoulder massage we can get rid of knots and stuck muscles in the shoulders. We use smooth and calm movements. In this way we can reach the deeper tissue and tackle the cause of the pain. Because we focus on deeper tissue, some people can sometimes experience this massage as painful. This is quite normal as the muscles are already sore and tight and we are trying to loosen the muscles. However, people who regularly have a neck and shoulder massage experience the massage as very relaxing.

For whom is a neck and shoulder massage suitable?

A neck and shoulder massage is ideal for people who suffer from the following complaints:

  • Stuck neck
  • Painful shoulders
  • Headache
  • General stress complaints

People with an office job also benefit greatly from a neck and shoulder massage. There is a good chance that this group of people will adopt the wrong posture while working and therefore experience pain complaints. also even if you are in the mood of a nice massage to loosen the muscles, a neck and shoulder massage is ideal.

Cost of neck and shoulder massage

The costs of a neck and shoulder massage depend on the desired duration of the treatment. You can already book a neck and shoulder massage from € 35, -. Below you will find an overview of the prices. View our rates list for a complete overview of all treatments and their rates.

Neck and shoulder massage Duration of treatment Prices
Neck and shoulder massage 30 min € 35,-
Neck and shoulder massage 60 min € 60,-
Neck and shoulder massage 90 min € 85,-
Neck and shoulder massage 120 min € 115,-

Experiences of our customers

M. Voglio

‘Just had a wonderful neck and shoulder massage at Thai Thara in Amsterdam. Very friendly staff, clean salon and nice service. I recommend it to everyone.’

Samir Moujjad

‘The masseuses were very professional and friendly. I enjoyed my massage very much. I feel completely relaxed and my pain complaints have been relieved.’

G. van Veenen

‘Thai Thara in Amsterdam is a professional massage parlor where I have been coming for a wonderful neck and shoulder massage for years. Lovely staff and beautiful salon!’

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